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“Standing on the shoulders of giants”

Firstly, Lynne extends a huge thank you to all the wonderful musicians, vocalists and composers that have come before her.

Secondly, Lynne extends a huge and universal thank you to all audience members, past and present, for their generous and enthusiastic support.

Lynne takes this opportunity to say a special thank you to the incredible, fabulous, talented multi-instrumentalist, singer, recording engineer and producer, Mr Steve Arié, whom she is proud to call her best friend. She sends her love always and a giant thank you for all his love, help and support, past and present. Lynne adores you Steve, but you already know that.

Further, Lynne knows she is only one of the many, many Sydney musicians who give thanks to you Steve Arié for creating and for all the great gigs we get from it. (It is so lovely to be paid on the night instead of having to wait the 6 to 8 weeks to get paid from an agent.) Thank you Steve!

Lynne takes this opportunity to thank all of her wonderful students, past and present. Thank you for allowing her to instruct you in the magic that is Music. She has felt, and indeed still feels privlidged to be able to share the joy of Music with you all.

“Thank you all so very much!”

Lynne also takes this opportunity to thank all of the wonderfully talented musicians with whom she has been lucky enough to have played with in the past. Thank you ALL! If she has missed anyone out, or there is incorrect spelling, sorry and please contact Lynne so she can fix it:


Steve Arié, Nicki Parrott, Chris Frazier, Cath Golden


Jane Galbraith, Alistair Spence, John Foreman, Peter St Ledger, Sue Brennan, Donna Ng


Steve Arié, Steve Brien, Simon Rudstone-Brown, Caste Steen, Dave Kain, Tim Rowlinson, Adrien Petlevanny


Steve Arié, Paul Cutlan, Debbie Gibbs, Mark Taylor, Casey Greene, Don Reid, Glenn Henrich


Richard Ruhle, Mike Quigley, Andrew Gander, Bob Donaldson, Rob Sloman

Backing Vocals

Steve Arié, Simon Rudstone-Brown, Debbie Gibbs, Adrien Petlevanny